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  Light Music -First of all,What does it mean.Light Music basically refers to fim music performed live on stage.Initially it brought the pleasure of watching a recording Live as everybody will not get an opportunity to watch a Music recording."Light Music Orchestra" resembled the recording Orchestra.Film Recording which was done at that time is entirely different from what is done today.Their prevailed single track recording system and hence all the manual Instruments and vocal parts are recorded at a time.If
anybody makes a mistake,everything should be stopped and started from the begining.
   During late 80's electronic Instruments started entering and it's dominating the music industry now.We have Multi track recording system.In most of the light music
orchestras,Keyboard and Rythm pad are considered to be the important ones accompanied by tabla and drums.In short we can say Only 4 men orchestra.But in our Orchestra we also have Manual Instruments like violins,Cello violin,Flute and Saxophone.We have a great place for Guitar Which is loosing it's importance in orchestras nowadays.Manual Instruments are always special and they cannot be replaced by Electronics.In this way we are Unique.





We are performing soothing instrumental music on all happy occassions.We perform Carnatic,devotional and film music in instrumental.Songs are played in multiple instruments like Guitar,Keybord,Flute & Saxophone.Wide range of western instruments are  blended with traditional instruments in our show.Nowadays Film Songs Lyrics are becoming more and more bad that they cannot be sung in an aspicious occassion.In that manner Instrumental Music is the best choice as it gives us the happiness of enjoying the musical part in a song.We can also combine Instrumental with Singing if needed.Our Film Songs include Munbe Vaa.Kalyana Thenila,Ennavale,Udhaya,Ilayaraja Medley & many more pleasant numbers.Full Classical concerts are also available.


DJ in short refers Disc Jockey,whose job is to remix combination of  songs and play it.Unexpected songs comes in line and it's alwys a fun filled surprise.This form of entertainment which is  popular in Disco nights is now emerging as an important entertainment aspect in Weding receptions and all family get togethers.So as an updatedgroup we also offer DJ services at reasonable cost.We also got huge collection of songs in all languages including,desi numbers and English Tracks.We create that Josh and dancing ambience that'll make your day the most memorble.


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